I am a Colorado licensed psychologist based in Fort Collins, Colorado / North Colorado / Larimer County

It is through relationships that we heal and grow as individuals. I use a relational, decolonizing + client-centered approach to counseling that facilitates growth and healing for my clients as they work toward their goals.  

I conduct counseling work through an emotion-focused and attachment oriented lens. This lens assumes that we are inherently relational beings; that we learn from very early on in our lives how to connect and find ourselves through relationships with others. 

Areas of emphasis in our work together might include... 

  • Healing relationships with significant others, friends, co-workers and family

  • Building quality, authentic connection with the self and others

  • Creating internal alignment, integration (mind, body, soul, spirit) and increased ability to sit with difficult emotions

  • Using a social justice framework to discuss ways larger systems are impacting mental health and wellbeing

  • Identifying obstacles in the healing process

  • Addressing deeper attachment wounds and family of origin trauma impacting mental health, quality of relationships and wellbeing

  • Discussing blocks or obstacles in creative processes with art, music and other forms of creative expression

I frequently work with clients around issues pertaining to...

  • Relationship health + relationship trauma

  • Women's sexual and reproductive health

  • Gender identity

  • Addiction

  • Chronic pain and illness

  • Artists, writers, painters + other creatives

I center myself deeply in a decolonizing framework that assumes systems of oppression greatly limit our ability to connect authentically with ourselves and others; directly interfering with our quality of life and general wellbeing. I identify as an ally to LBGTIA+ and BIPOC communities. I strive to create a space for clients where experiences around oppression and systemic violence can be navigated and explored in counseling. I am committed to ongoing work and examination of my own identities and how they show-up in the work I do as a white, cis, hetero-leaning, able bodied human.

I also identify as an artist. I dedicate much of my time and energy to artistic endeavors as well as engaging actively in artistic communities. Music, writing and visual art mediums have been consistent and stable parts of my life since I was young and are very concrete parts of my identity. I also see counseling as an artistic process that allows us to engage in a flow state through relationship and deep, meaningful connection. In addition to the relationship and connection work I do with clients, I also enjoy working with other artists and creative minds around how to tap into and maximize the creative process and engagement with artistic flow. 

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