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Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder, often referred to as ADHD, is a common condition that negatively impacts executive function. 

Understanding ADHD

Those who are diagnosed with ADHD may exhibit a spectrum of symptoms related to dysregulation, including difficulty concentrating, hyperactivity, and struggling with time management. This can present in a variety of ways at different ages and stages of life.

Assessment helps confirm a diagnosis as well as determining the type of ADHD: hyperactive, inattentive, or combined. If you’re interested in learning more about ADHD, exploring your current symptoms, or starting the assessment process, you can learn more about it on this page or reach out to me at Chelsea Twiss Counseling Services, LLC.

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Why adults schedule ADHD testing

There are many reasons that adults seek out ADHD testing. Some are referred by their doctors or a therapist. Others notice increasing difficulty sustaining focus at work or in their daily lives. Whatever the reason, if you think you’re struggling with undiagnosed ADHD, consider scheduling an assessment. It can be clarifying and empowering to receive diagnostic confirmation. Some things my clients notice that lead them to schedule ADHD testing include: 

  • Difficulty maintaining focus or paying attention, especially for an extended period of time. 

  • Struggling to learn something new, especially if it’s a subject you lack interest in. 

  • Failing to organize, prioritize, and manage tasks effectively. 

  • Dealing with excessive levels of energy, restlessness, fidgeting. 

  • Having a difficult time controlling impulses. 

  • Leaving tasks incomplete. 

  • Experiencing mood fluctuations. 

What tests are administered for ADHD assessment?

I provide personalized testing batteries for each client. During our initial intake session, we’ll have a discussion to talk through some of your symptoms and concerns. You will also complete symptom rating scales. Rating scales tell me the level to which you are experiencing a range of symptoms related to ADHD. Based on the results of our discussion and your rating scales, I may administer neuro-cognitive, skills, and intelligence tests.

I may also provide neuropsychological tests and assessments that measure timeliness, attention, hyperactivity and impulsivity. Following the assessments, I’ll provide a detailed diagnostic report and discuss these results with you during a feedback session. This will include answers to any referral questions, including a positive or negative ADHD diagnosis. Additionally, I’ll provide recommendations for ongoing support and resources you can utilize to offset the potentially adverse impact of ADHD. 

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Get started

If you’d like to schedule an initial appointment for therapy or testing, you can email me to request an initial appointment or 10 minute phone consultation. Tell me a bit about yourself, why you’re considering ADHD testing, and any scheduling preferences. I conduct most ADHD testing online. For those local to Colorado who want to charge their insurance, I can also schedule in-person testing upon request. I provide testing services for Colorado residents and those who live in states that participate in the PSYPACT.

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