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When they’re working well, relationships can be one of the most satisfying aspects of our lives.  If you’re struggling to build and sustain stable relationships, therapy can offer you the ability to develop skills and gain resources to create more satisfying relationships of all kinds from professional and familial to friendships and romantic partnerships.

I work with people to understand how to thoughtfully develop relationships, create healthy boundaries, improve communication, and generally lead more fulfilling lives. Keep reading to learn more or reach out to schedule an initial appointment or consultation with me at Chelsea Twiss Counseling Services, LLC.

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Reasons to consider relationship counseling 

When most people think about relationship counseling, they’re envisioning counseling sessions as a couple. While this form of therapy for relationships is valuable, it can also be beneficial to seek relationship counseling on your own. Understanding your needs in each relationship, learning to set boundaries, and work to develop and sustain healthy bonds can make relationships of all types better.

Some of the relationship issues you can work out in individual relationship therapy include: 

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  • Improving communication. 

  • Moving on after divorce, separation, or other relationship endings. 

  • Working through anxiety, depression, grief and loss, or other challenging emotions that may impact relationships. 

  • Learning to find compromise and resolution for conflict. 

  • Healing from betrayal or infidelity in past relationships. 

  • Overcoming intimacy struggles. 

  • Setting boundaries. 

  • Learning to be a more supportive friend or family member.

  • Rebuilding trust in others, especially if people have let you down in relationships in the past. 

  • Understanding your needs and learning to advocate for your needs in a relationship. 

  • Increasing self-awareness of relationship patterns, especially negative patterns, and learning to change them. 


Benefits of individual relationship therapy

Whether you’re in a romantic relationship, single, having difficulties in other types of relationships, or just want to learn to sustain healthy relationships of all kinds, therapy may be an important resource. During the intake session, we’ll discuss your reasons for scheduling individual relationship therapy sessions and your treatment goals. We’ll collaboratively work toward your goals during ongoing therapy sessions. This may include learning skills and strategies for communication, boundary setting, compromise and navigating conflict, rebuilding trust, and a range of other tools that make relationships more fulfilling.


Get started

Building healthy, thriving relationships is an important part of living a satisfying life, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy. If you’re looking to improve the way you build and maintain relationships, email me at I welcome clients from Colorado and all states that participate in PSYPACT. You can schedule therapy sessions online. 

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