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Being diagnosed with a serious health condition or a chronic medical concern can be overwhelming. It may lead to increased stress and anxiety, depression, and myriad other concerns.

African American male fully dressed in the shower with his hand over his face appearing to be in pain

The benefits of therapy

The same can be true of managing chronic pain or discomfort. Often, we may not know how to process or move forward from a chronic pain diagnosis. Therapy can be an essential element in treating the impact of chronic pain on your sense of self, feelings about the future, and general mental health. On this page, I’ll discuss the benefits of therapy as part of managing chronic pain or processing a medical diagnosis. You can learn more by reaching out to schedule a therapy session with me at Chelsea Twiss Counseling Services, LLC.

Why visit a therapist for help with chronic pain

Therapy can be an important resource for learning how to live with chronic pain and illness. Chronic pain impacts our emotions, our thoughts and our somatic experiences. It is important to address all components of the self when navigating living with chronic pain. Learning strategies and coping mechanisms for managing pain, moving through grief and acceptance of these experiences are all instrumental components of healing. 

thin woman who is 6-7 months pregnant with her stomach exposed


Therapy to manage chronic pain & medical concerns

During therapy, I work with clients who are dealing with chronic pain or medical conditions to understand the ways in which these health concerns are impacting their lives. In therapy we can process through the difficult emotions that often accompany these lived experiences. We can also discuss and develop behavioral strategies for managing pain.

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Let’s Work Together

Living with chronic pain is the unfortunate reality for many people. Therapy gives you tools to manage the impact chronic pain has on your daily life and mental health. If you’re interested in learning more, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me at Let me know what’s been going on, how I can help, and any therapy goals you have. I welcome residents of Colorado and all PSYPACT states to schedule online therapy appointments.

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