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According to the annual Stress in America Report, chronic stress and general stress levels have increased each year. Work can be one of the leading causes of stress, and burnout that results from these increased stress levels can make being a productive employee difficult as well as negatively impacting daily life.

 If you’re interested in learning more, you can read about the basics on the page below or reach out to me at Chelsea Twiss Counseling Services, LLC to schedule an initial appointment. 


Is being stressed at work normal?

In our modern world, stress at work and overworking has become normalized. Therapy can be a helpful way to learn how to navigate this stress and determine what changes you can make to decrease stress and improve mental health and wellbeing. If you’ve been dealing with chronic stress, you may feel burnt out and struggle to find the energy to complete even the most basic of tasks. Support through all these struggles can be attained through therapy.

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Do you need help managing stress & burnout? 

If you’re unsure if burnout is affecting you, consider your answers to the following questions:

  • Do you dread going to work? 

  • Are you overwhelmed or anxious during work? 

  • Do you experience irritability or mood swings at work? 

  • Do you have nightmares about your job? 

  • Are you worried you won’t be able to get everything done? 

  • Do you often feel like you’re working your hardest and not making progress? 

  • Are you worried that you aren’t doing a good enough job? 

  • Do you feel like an imposter or like you’re not able to do your job? 

  • Have you noticed changes in eating or sleeping habits? 

  • Are you experiencing unexplained aches and pains? 

  • Do you feel exhausted after work? 

  • Are you having a difficult time finding energy for your loved ones and personal life?

You don't have to endure workplace burnout 

If you answered yes to several of these questions or reading through them made you think about other struggles you’re having at work, you may want to consider scheduling therapy to manage workplace stress and burnout.

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What to expect from therapy for stress & burnout

During therapy sessions, I can help you develop skills to manage stress, relax, and avoid burnout at work and home. I’ll adjust my approach to meet your unique needs. Some of the ways that I help people overcome workplace stress include: 

  • Working to develop a more sustainable work/life balance 

  • Identifying stressors and learning to cope with sources of stress. 

  • Determining what sources of stress should be delegated to others. 

  • Prioritizing tasks and improving organization. 

  • Establishing clear work and life boundaries and sticking to them.

Let's talk about it

If you’re looking for help alleviating stress and burnout related to work to create a more balanced life, please reach out to me over email at Let me know a little about your goals and how I can help. I see clients online from Colorado and all states that participate in PSYPACT. 

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