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I help people who are feeling stuck and disconnected from themselves and others feel more connected and confident in being able to work through difficult obstacles so they can live with more ease and cultivate a sense of internal groundedness. In my own life, I have had to learn how to build and maintain a life with intention, work through past trauma from my childhood and navigate difficult obstacles to health and wellness that I once believed to be insurmountable.

Dr. Chelsea Twiss of Chelsea Twiss Counseling Services sitting on a green chair looking out the window


Through deepening self-understanding and cultivating an authentic relationship with myself and others, I have been able to build a life that is not perfect, but one I am proud of and I look forward to helping you do the same. I have always been a driven and passionate person, sometimes to a fault.

I have had to learn how to create boundaries and be more intentional with my choices in order to build a life that is more aligned with my goals and core values. I identify as a person living with ADHD and have had to learn how to behaviorally manage my impulsive tendencies which have sometimes created big obstacles in my life.

Rather than changing who I am, I have worked hard to create a life that works for me. I have no doubt that with the right support and readiness for change, anyone can build a life that fits more authentically for them.

Black male with his hands in the air. Only the top of his head and braids are visible


My background

I am a licensed psychologist in the state of Colorado with a Psypact endorsement to see clients out of state in participating PSY PACT states. I graduated with my doctorate in counseling psychology from New Mexico State University with a minor in behavioral health in 2018. I have been working in the field of counseling for over a decade. During my time as a psychologist I have worked with many people who are living with ADHD, chronic pain, sexual and reproductive health issues, depression, anxiety, those working through developmental milestones in adulthood and those who are working through family of origin trauma. 


There is a way to live a life that is full of connection, purpose and meaning

If you are struggling to find purpose in life or feel stuck in patterns that keep you from feeling emotionally, psychologically or physically well, know that you don't have to navigate these waters alone.

Exploring behavioral health & self-acceptance

Delve into the complexities of behavioral health. Find insightful articles aimed at fostering mental well-being and embracing personal growth.

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